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Milbur Plumbing is your one-stop shop to remedy your leaking taps and toilets that may need emergency repairs.

Our professional plumbers fix dripping taps that leak in the shower and leaking toilets that may increase your water bill. Our Sydney professional technicians are one call away and offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services. There’s no bathroom leak that we cannot fix, and no washer issue that we cannot solve. Our plumbing services cover all bathroom work, ranging from a leaking shower, leaking toilet, or leaking taps in need of repair to questions about any seal or installation of pipes.

Top Rated Tap & Toilet Plumber in Sydney

Getting your taps and toilets repaired the moment an issue arises is not just a matter of common sense – maintaining the condition of your plumbing appliances helps you avoid serious future problems and ensure proper functionality.

The Milbur team is here to help. Our Sydney plumbing professional team will reach your door and offer a same-day solution to your leaking problem. We will evaluate your tapware and determine whether it needs servicing.

While procrastinating calling a plumber may be appealing for what may seem like a minor issue, it may not seem so appealing after learning the risks related to leaking pipes.

Leakage problems can also easily damage the structure of your house. Wet spots on walls are a clear indication that plumbing pipes are leaking. If leakage is left unattended, costly damages result. 

However, these expenses can be easily avoided. Therefore, it is in your best interest to seek a reliable plumber in Sydney. Contact the Milbur Plumbing team, and we can save you tons of money in the future!

Common Tap Leaking & Toilet Problems Milbur Addresses

Whether you have a small job like a dripping tap that needs repairing or a blocked toilet that needs immediate clearing, the Milbur Plumbing team has you covered. Do not postpone calling a reliable service for toilet repair in Sydney if:

  • Water is constantly running and noisy,
  • Cistern does not fill up,
  • The toilet is not flushing correctly, or
  • Water is leaking from underneath.

Leaking Taps & Shower

Untreated taps and shower leaks are not only annoying but also expensive to repair. While you can repair a minor leak without professional help, you should know how to identify a problem that is beyond your plumbing expertise. Milbur Plumbing team will handle the nitty-gritty of your leaking shower tap repair so you don’t have to. We address common issues, such as:

Corroded shower valves, Poor shower installations, Lose shower parts, Excessive water pressure, and Cracked or damaged pipes.

What areas does Milbur Plumbing service?

Milbur Plumbing team services all over Sydney CBD, Inner West, Eastern Suburbs, North Shore, Hills District, South West Sydney, Western Sydney, and Northern Beaches.

Need Help With A Leaking Tap?

It does not seem like having a leaking tap at home is a big problem. We often ignore it and go on with our lives. A leaking tap can be very expensive in the long run because in its initial stage, it can easily be fixed by a professional, but if it gets serious, then it will need a replacement and will also waste hundreds of litres of water. 

The major problem with leaking taps is that they might cause damp spots on your walls, floors or even cause an accident due to slippery floors. You should always get leaking taps fixed as soon as the problem is noticed. We are the most efficient and reliable plumbing team in town.

modern tap and sink

Trusted Toilet Repairs & Replacement

When your toilet is constantly dripping into the pan, not flushing properly or even blocked, it is time to call Milbur Plumbing in Sydney. We can quickly stop your toilet from leaking or not flushing properly and if it is blocked, we can locate the blockage and have your toilet flushing freely once again. Unblocking is our specialty.

Milbur Plumbing is available 24 hours, 7 days a week, ready to help! Our vehicles are fully loaded and ready to go with all the necessary tools and resources to satisfy any toilet repair, maintenance and installation requirements.

How long will I have to wait for Milbur to come to my home?

Leaking taps and toilet problems never happen at a good time. It can often seem like they only happen at the worst time – like just before special occasions and holidays when your home will be full of friends and family.

What do I do if I need an emergency tap or toilet repair?

Whether your emergency happens first thing in the morning, on the weekend, or even on holiday, you can count on Milbur Plumbing specialists to work with your schedule.

Milbur’s Work Hours

We are available no matter when disaster strikes. Feel free to call our knowledgeable customer service representatives who will get you the plumbing help you need. We always have plumbing experts ready to assist you Mon-Sun 24/7.

Sydney's Best Leaking Tap & Toilet Experts

As trained and experienced professionals our team will arrive at your door with all the gear and industry insight to have your leaks immediately resolved, we can also advise options for upgrades if you wish to enhance your homes décor or if the tapware or toilet itself needs replacement.

Our experts at Milbur Plumbing in Sydney can save you all the trouble by fixing your leaking tap or toilet. Our team will examine your taps and toilets to determine the cause and devise a solution. Give us a call on 1300 645 287 or text us for an instant response.


Five Reasons Why You Should Get Leaking Taps Fixed by Milbur Plumbing Immediately

It is likely that you will experience leaking taps at some point in your life. And it is not surprising why – leaking taps are the most common plumbing problem in the world.

Whether it’s a redundant dripping noise, drip-dropping in your bath or sink, or it’s causing ongoing flooding in your house, there are a number of reasons why you should get a leaking tap repaired.

1. Save Water

A leaky pipe or tap can waste up to 20,000 litres of water per year. You may not notice it, but a small leak can have a significant impact on our environment when left to its own devices. 

Water is a precious resource in our world. Countries like Australia are experiencing water shortages unlike any ever seen before, which reminds you that you should do everything in your power to stop wasting water.

2. Save Money

While the environment may be suffering from your leaking faucet, your wallet is suffering as well. Recent findings hint that South Australians spend more than the remainder of the country on water use, and rates are peaking. 

The sooner you get leaks fixed, the more you will save on your water bill.

3.Respect Your Rights and Obligations

If you are a homeowner, your water supplier probably has a customer charter that outlines the responsibilities you must comply with to continue receiving water. While plumbing issues are not specially mentioned, reducing the water usage in your home is part of the obligation of continued water supply.

4. Avoid Long-Term Damage

Leaky taps can lead to costly structural damage to your home if left untreated. You could end up with damage to your walls, foundations, and floors, and if left long enough, a leaky tap could even create dangerous living conditions in your home.

5. Avoid a Major Health Hazard

Leaking taps can cause major health problems for you and your family. Because leaks generally result in an area being wet for a long period of time, they can lead to an accumulation of mildew and mould. And, you do not have to be a medical expert to know that mildew and mould can seriously impact your long-term health.

Therefore, it is imperative to address leaks as soon as possible, keep your bathroom dry, and contact our team for advice.


With over 20 years of combined industry experience, the Milbur Plumbing team has worked hard to bring a new air of courtesy to the plumbing industry. We believe customer satisfaction should be a top-of-mind priority, no matter what time of the day or day of the week. To learn more about the quality of our work, check out our customers’ reviews.

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Milbur Plumbing team understands your need for immediate and effective service. We treat your home as our own, regardless of the time of day you are in need of our services. Milbur Plumbing is a 24-hour emergency plumbing service you can trust.


Frequently Asked Questions

If there is water around the base of your toilet, the wax ring may be the culprit. Over time, the wax ring can disintegrate when the T-bolts become loose. If you are unsure how to replace the wax ring, we highly recommend hiring a plumbing expert to do the job for you.

A leaky toilet can quickly turn into a flooding toilet. If the water keeps running because of major damage to the bowl, pipes or flushing mechanism, call an expert plumber right away.

More often than not, we can repair a leaking shower without removing the tiles. In most cases, we complete a project in about 2-4 hours so you can use your shower the next day.