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Milbur Plumbing - The Best Sydney Drain Repair Specialists

Used day in, day out, drains are one of the most essential parts of a functioning property. Buried under floors, groundwork, and blending in with the exterior of a building, we quite often forget our reliable draining system is even there.

Despite being able to withstand the demands of a household or commercial property, repairs are occasionally necessary. Whether it’s a leak, blockage, storm drain failure, or a full collapse, drainage systems experience considerable wear and tear as well as accidental damage.

With access difficult, diagnosing a problem with your drain can be extremely challenging. Getting to the root of the problem and fixing it is usually beyond the scope of DIY solutions due to the location of pipework. In the meantime, blocked or broken drains can cause damage to our property, cause water to enter our property and put the health of our family, occupants, or customers at risk.

Getting a drainage issue fixed promptly and professionally is, therefore, a matter of urgency.

Professional Blocked Drains Repair in Sydney

Milbur Plumbing provides professional drain repair services in Sydney and the surrounding areas. With a family-business mindset and a wealth of experience among our team members, we are the best Sydney drain repair specialists available.

No matter what size your building is, Milbur Plumbing has the tools and know-how to help you with your plumbing issue. We use the latest CCTV plumbing technology to pinpoint blockages, leaks, collapses and broken sections, making drain repair quick and hassle-free.

Kitchen Sink Drainage

The Causes of Damaged Drains in Sydney

While the most common type of drain repair is a blockage of some sort, these come in a variety of different forms as well as other less obvious problems that Milbur Plumbing often encounters.

If you’re experiencing problems with your drainage system, your drains may be suffering from one or more of the following issues:

While drain pipework is relatively tough being made of specialist plastic, concrete, or sometimes metal, weak points exist at connecting segments and in cracks or damaged sections. These small gaps allow trees and other plant life to introduce their roots into the section of pipework to access the ready supply of water.

Trees roots are a particularly difficult problem to diagnose and resolve and require the use of both CCTV inspection equipment and professional water jet cutting tools to remove the problem. Milbur Plumbing also offers a relining solution to prevent the problem from recurring.

Over the lifespan of a drainage system, it will experience considerable wear and tear. This comes in the form of an almost constant flow of water rushing along the inside walls of the pipework as well as debris that may be swept along with it.

Wear and tear also occurs due to partial or full blockages with increases in pressure causing broken seams and sharding to occur.

Unshielded storm drains and guttering can allow leaves, soil, rocks, and other garden debris to enter our drainage system.

These can not only cause stubborn clogs but also damage the pipework necessitating repair.

Our drains may also suffer from a blockage caused by rubbish. This can enter our drains through uncovered storm drains or by being improperly disposed of down a toilet for example.

As we shower or bath, we naturally shed hair which can end up being washed down the plug hole if uncovered. Hair is particularly stubborn and difficult to dislodge due to its fibrous nature and tendency to form clumps within the system.

When to Contact the Blocked Drain Specialists at Milbur Plumbing

For peace of mind and prevention of further damage, it’s best to call a professional plumber at the first sign of a drainage problem. Professionals have expert knowledge and tools to repair drainwork and dislodge blockages with ease.

If you notice one or more of these symptoms, your best bet is to call Milbur Plumbing or your local drain repair specialists.

Sinks that do not drain or drain very slowly are a sign that there may be a blockage, broken pipework, or a full drain section collapse somewhere within the system.
Water backing up through your drains and plug holes indicates that there is a fairly major problem with your household drainage and it’s time to call in the experts. You may observe this, for instance, when taking a shower. If the water in the floor drain begins backing up and pooling around your feet, it’s a good bet that something is amiss.
Probably the most unpleasant drainage problem, an overflowing toilet or a rising and lowering water level means there is a significant clog somewhere in your drain pipework. While the problem most likely is near the toilet drainway, this is not always the case and an expert diagnosis will be necessary to get to the root cause.
While that bad smell emanating from your sink or bath may be something you’ve gotten used to, it’s a sign that your drains are in need of repair. Often, this smell is caused by a build-up of bacteria around standing water, caused by a blockage or a broken pipe.

Gurgling drains and strange sounds from plug holes are sometimes caused by gases within the system, caused by bacteria. If your system has a broken or damaged pipe, these bacterial gases become disrupted only when water is introduced into the drain, causing the distinctive gurgling sound.

Mould growing around your home is a sign that you may have a broken pipe somewhere. This may be an exterior or interior pipe with wastewater escaping the drainage system and soaking into the structure of your property. This is not only a hazard for the structural integrity of your home or business, but is a hazard to occupants with mould spores often airborne.

A broken or damaged underground pipe in the exterior of our property such as a stormwater drain may cause a build-up of water that results in a visible effect on our lawn and garden. This may simply be a bad patch of grass, ground slippage, or even a portion of ground sinking.

Milbur Plumbing’s Approach to Drain Repairs

As drain repair specialists in Sydney, we understand the types of problems you are likely to encounter with your drainage systems. We have therefore developed our own unique approach to drain repair that covers all eventualities, from minor issues to major problems.

Drain Patch Repairs

Path repairs target small sections of pipework and are our most cost-effective drain repair solution and are suitable for more minor drain issues. Rather than fixing an entire drain section, path repairs save on time, materials, and labour by only repairing holes and leaky portions of pipework.

This solution combines a fibreglass mesh with a silicate resin that is wrapped around an inflatable packing device that is narrower than the affected pipework when deflated.

This is then inserted into the broken or damaged drain section, positioning the fibreglass and resin patch liner in the correct location. The packing device is then inflated forcing the path liner against the offending hole or broken section. This is left in place until the resin has cured.

Once cured, the patch forms a watertight seal with a hardened surface, replicating the original pipework and allowing your drainage system to function correctly once again.

No-Dig and Trenchless Drain Repair

Thanks to our specialised drain lining solution, we are also able to fix almost any major drain issue without the need for digging up pipework and causing disruption to your property.

Milbur Plumbing’s trenchless drain repair method consists of relining pipework with a thick, durable resin without needing to dig up your garden or pry up floorboards.

  1. We begin with a full onsite inspection using our state-of-the-art CCTV equipment. Our drain cameras can extend far into your drainage system and allow a live, remote view of the inside of your pipework via a portable viewing station.
  2. Once we have identified any damaged or broken drain sections, we will thoroughly clean the inner surface of these using our jet blasting tools. Not only will this leave the surface clean but also flush away any debris or partial blockages. We will then use our CCTV equipment once again to ensure the affected pipework is ready for repair.
  3. Next, a Milbur Plumbing specialist will prepare a resin solution, a liner, and an inflatable bladder device that will be inserted into the offending drain section. Once positioned, this is then inflated and left to cure.
  4. After curing, this new lining not only allows your drain to function correctly once again but with improved performance too. Resin-lined pipework enjoys faster flow rates and fewer blockages thanks to the use of modern materials, as well as being stronger thanks to reinforcement from the old pipework.

Full Drain Repair

While our trenchless option is suitable for a wide range of drain repair situations, sometimes a full drain section replacement is necessary. This is a fairly major repair and involves the excavation and replacement of pipework, causing some disruption to your property in the process, though always kept to an absolute minimum.

A full drain repair involves the use of CCTV to first diagnose and locate the source of the problem. Using our mobile viewing station, we can quickly identify which drain sections are repairable and which will need replacing, with our drain repair specialists able to show you directly the extent of any damage.

We then remove topsoil or building works from above the pipework using hand tools or excavators and set this aside to expose the damaged drain section(s). If upon closer inspection, the pipe section is repairable, we may still recommend replacement as drain systems can become fragile over time and with groundwork already removed, the long-term benefits of replacement outweigh that of repair.

We will remove the broken or collapsed drain section replacing it with brand-new, modern equivalents. After reburying the drain, we will test to ensure the issue is resolved.

Full drain repairs can take several days to carry out and involve more team members. For this reason, pipe relining is usually recommended whenever possible saving you time, disruption, and money.

Why Choose our Drain Repair Specialists in Sydney?

Milbur Plumbing has earned its reputation as Sydney’s number one drain repair experts through understanding how frustrating plumbing problems can be and aim to resolve them as quickly as possible for our customers.

We offer:

Timely appointments

We will arrive when we say we will and get the job done on time, every time.

Best drainage experience

Beginning as a family business, our team of expert plumbers share their knowledge and experience to ensure no problem is unresolvable.

Latest drain repair technology

With our cutting-edge CCTV equipment, our high-grade water jet blasters, and innovative pipe relining solution, Milbur Plumbing is at the forefront of plumbing technology.

Licensed drain repair plumbers

All of our drain repair specialists are fully licensed and qualified to operate in Sydney and the surrounding areas.

Fully insured plumbers

While every effort is made to maintain the wellbeing of your property, for your peace of mind all of our plumbing work is fully insured and covered.

Our Simple 4-Step Process

If you have a plumbing problem, emergency situation, or just want to enquire about something, get in touch now on 1300 645 287 or by emailing [email protected]. Our simple 4-step process takes the hassle out of plumbing repair work and allows you to relax knowing you are in safe hands.

01. Enquiry

Phone or email us and someone will be in touch to gather your details and the nature of the repair. We offer over-the-phone estimates on repair work to allow financial planning and ease anxiety over costs.

02. Onsite inspection

We then dispatch our nearest plumber to your location who can conduct an onsite inspection, diagnosing problems or giving advice with accuracy.

03. Free estimate

Whether it’s an emergency repair or a new installation, we will then be able to give you a no-obligation, free estimate on prospective work.

04. Schedule work

Should you be happy to continue, we will then schedule the work to commence at a convenient time.

Milbur Plumbing Offers Emergency Drain Repairs Throughout Sydney

When water is overflowing and your property is being damaged, you want help fast. With drain repairs often leading to unsanitary conditions for you and your family, it is important to repair drains quickly.

With our 24/7 emergency plumbing service in Sydney, we are able to get to your property, diagnose the problem, and resolve it at any time of day. We know Sydney and we know how to get to you fast. Call us now for a fully licensed and insured expert plumber to be with you shortly.

Areas in Sydney Milbur Plumbing service

Milbur Plumbing’s team of expert plumbers cover the entirety of Sydney as well as the surrounding areas. We serve all types of property of any size including residential, multifamily, commercial, and offices.

Areas we cover include

For fast drain cleaning and repair with high-quality service, contact Milbur Plumbing now on 1300 645 287 or by emailing [email protected]. Our team of expert plumbers are ready and waiting to help.


Frequently Asked Questions

Drain repairs are the responsibility of whoever’s land they lie within. This can sometimes be tricky to determine and may require looking at the deeds and boundaries of your property. In most cases, sewer lines and drains are the responsibility of the household they lie near, becoming the local authorities’ problem when it hits the local drainage system.

Drain repair is sometimes covered by home insurance depending on the nature of the problem and the type of cover you have. Most insurance policies will cover the damage caused by a broken or blocked drain, however.

Path repairs and relining can often be achieved within the space of a day. This makes them even more attractive solutions when possible as this cuts down on labour costs and causes less disruption to your household or business. Full drain repairs involving excavation can often take several days, however.

Putting off a drain repair can often be a costly mistake. A damaged drain may only be causing a gurgling sound and a slow draining sink right now but that problem could become worse. If ignored, a minor drain repair that would require a patch fix could require a full excavation, costing a lot more.